A Merseyside family was lucky to escape with their lives when an electric bike caught fire in the front room of their Huyton home earlier last week, in the one of the most recent serious incidents attended by Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service (MFRS) involving electric bike and scooter batteries.

The two-storey terraced home of the family of six was left severely damaged by fire and is now unliveable, while all family members were treated for smoke inhalation and the youngest child needed treatment at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. Had the fire happened while the family were sleeping, the outcome may have been very different.

In another incident last week in St Helens, a two-storey terraced house was also left uninhabitable after an electric scooter being charged in a first floor bedroom caught fire. Importantly, the home’s hard-wired smoke alarms actuated, allowing the sole occupant to escape unharmed.

Two weeks ago in a hotel in Hatton Garden, Liverpool, two casualties suffered smoke inhalation and minor burns to their bodies after an electric bike on charge in their hotel room caught fire.


MFRS is advising those who use them to adhere to the following important fire safety and prevention advice:

Do not charge electric bike or scooter batteries unsupervised and never while you are asleep – switch off chargers at night or when fully charged

If possible, charge electric bike or scooter batteries somewhere outside of your home, eg external garage. If charging in the home, ensure smoke alarms are fitted, working and are regularly tested

Do not store electric bikes or scooters in escape routes around the home, or in communal areas (or main exit route areas) of high-rise properties

Always purchase electric bike and scooter batteries from reputable suppliers and ensure any purchases meet correct and up-to-date safety standards

Do not use conversion kits, as standard push bikes converted into electric bikes pose a higher safety risk due to batteries and chargers often sourced from different suppliers


MFRS Area Manager for Prevention Mark Thomas said: “Electric bike and scooter batteries have become a major source of fires in the home here in Merseyside.

“We’re urging those who use electric bikes and scooters to protect themselves and their loved ones by adhering to the advice before we see a real tragedy occur.”

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