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Berty de Jong

Berty de Jong


Berty de Jong is the founder and managing director of UnimaQ Limited, based in Wrexham. A B2B engineering business specialising in the design, build, and services of large capital machines for the Drinks Can Industry, with 95% exports worldwide.

With his mechanical engineering background, Mr de Jong worked as an engineer, building and problem-solving beverage printing equipment at a young age. Followed by operational support at a corporate level with a can producer with five manufacturing facilities throughout Europe.

Developing, introducing innovations and technical improvements have resulted in significant efficiency improvements and cost savings. and has given him a lasting and valuable experience and understanding of the beverage can manufacturing process.

Mr de Jong believes listening and communicating with customers and study the beverage can market, translating this in constant improvement in existing and newly designed more reliable products have proven to be a successful formula.

Developing growing the team at UnimaQ, which understands the customer needs and translates this into offering a quality service and developing new products, is an ongoing challenge.

Mr de Jong is of Dutch origin, is married and father of 4 children, resides in Wales, speaks 4 languages. He enjoys good food, a glass of wine and loves downhill skiing and motorcycling. Great satisfaction and joy can be found in reading a good book or with the simple thing such as having a pick nick and good conversation in the outside, with the family or good friends.

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